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We’ve got another live podcast event coming up! On April 28th, we’re teaming up with our friends at Banter and  heading to the Workman’s Club in Dublin, where we’ll be joined by acclaimed Canadian writer Sheila Heti, TV3 presenter Sinéad Desmond and writer and broadcaster Roe McDermott to discuss all things cultural (high and low). You can find out more – and book a seat – here. Admission is free, but you do have to book in advance. Come along!

A few weeks ago we held our second live podcast event, as British journalist Laurie Penny, activist and journalist Anthea McTiernan and activist and blogger Suzy Byrne joined Anna to discuss the state of the abortion debate, feminist fighting and online misogyny. You can hear it here or subscribe at iTunes.

We’re back, with our sixth podcast! We’re joined by Jennifer O’Connell, June Caldwell and Dearbhail McDonald to discuss the highs and lows of 2012, from the Olympics to the Savita tragedy..

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At last, it’s here! Our fourth podcast is longer than usual – that’s because it was a special live event in association with Banter. Hosts Sinéad Gleeson and Anna Carey were delighted to welcome our very special guests Miriam O’Callaghan, Maeve Higgins and Martina Devlin, who joined us in front of a lively and enthusiastic audience at Dublin’s Twisted Pepper to discuss the state of feminism in 2012, the importance of role models, women in the public eye and attitudes to traditional feminine pursuits. You can subscribe via iTunes, or simply listen here.



EDITED TO ADD: So many people have been listening to the podcast, we’ve exceeded our bandwith allowance! So we have to take it down for a bit. But never fear, it’ll be available again in the future.

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The Anti Room Podcast 3:

In the third Antiroom podcast, hosts Sinéad Gleeson and Anna Carey are joined by Aoife McLysaght, Susan Daly and Megan McGurk to discuss the media fixation with breasts, attitudes to fashion, the phenomenon of the so-called “woman child”, and why there aren’t enough women working in science.

Listen here:

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The Antiroom Live!

As you may have read on Twitter or heard on the third Podcast, we’re doing a live version of the podcast as part of Banter  on October 24th with special guests Miriam O’Callaghan, Maeve Higgins and Martina Devlin. Admission is free, but you have to sign up in advance, so please do so here and come along!

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The Anti Room Podcast 2:

The second Anti-Room podcast sees hosts Sinéad Gleeson and Anna Carey joined by Nadine O’Regan, Claire Prior and Karyn Moynihan to discuss gender quotas in politics, whether ladymags are worth reading, what messages lenient sentencing for rape and sexual assault send to victims, and the power and charms of the bonkbuster (and why Lace is more entertaining than 50 Shades of Grey).

Listen here:

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The First Antiroom Podcast

In our very first podcast, hosts Sinead Gleeson and Anna Carey are joined by Kirstie McDermott, Suzy Byrne and Eleanor Fitzsimons to discuss a controversial anti-abortion rights campaign, why the world is fascinated by celebrity breakups, the representation of political women on TV on film and as the Olympics kick off, attitudes to women in sport.

You can listen here.

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Hello! We may not be blogging anymore, but we are podcasting every month, and you subscribe via iTunes – just search for Antiroom Podcast. Or can get the MP3s here, or listen here via Soundcloud.



One more thing…

Some final house-keeping: earlier this summer, we held a special film club where we had a raffle to help raise money for Somalian famine aid. We finally got around to dropping the proceeds – €387 -into Oxfam, who were delighted and presented us with a receipt. Thanks again for all the prizes, donations and to those who bought tickets.

That’s all, folks.



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